Tuesday, October 21, 2008

WhY Pilot is the my ambition?

hi friends. as anyone of you wondered why i have such a high passion to be a pilot? ha ha, its quite funny and even i myself some times get confused out of this coz i never have taken a flight before.

this passion was there since i first realized that everyone has an ambition. so my ambition was to be an airline pilot. why?

first of all, i don't like to stay in one place and be stagnant . i hate something that need to be done with sitting in a place something like an office. i don't think so its fun to just sit and do the same cakoi thing everyday! thus, i like traveling too...

secondly, i like exploring and facing new challenges. i believe we will be more interesting person if we are the exploring type of person! if we are not facing challenges, how shall we improve?

next is, planes have gave me an inspiration to archive a greater height. seriously, i had this a picture taken from a cockpit when i was in form 4/5. i printed out that from the internet. i would often look at this picture b4 i started studying and really it gave a boost to study harder.

so, this are the few reasons why being a PILOT is what i always wanted to be.... please remember me in your prayers.... thank you.

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˘̀*ˆ́ĴēΜǐмąħˆ́*˘̀ said...

remember... watever ur decision may be.. i wil be by ur side wokay... n reach for dreams... do wat u love.. for thats wat will give u joy! =)